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Infusing Social Media into Healthcare

Twitter charge to reach followers?So, you think the free boat ride down the stream of tweets will go on forever?

You’ve built your following. You did all that social engineering which the gurus taught you so that you could build that following – Retweeting others, tweeting Top  10 or How To or ego-list posts, insinuating yourself into Twitter chats and hashtags, playing the flattery card, etc. in hopes of follow-backs.

And then: WHAM! Twitter starts charging you like Facebook does, in tranches, to reach your audience. Ever think about that?

I’m not saying it’s inevitable. But Twitter sure does need to strike a healthy EBITDA if it is to remain viable – and available to you to pimp your stuff or whatever it is you do on Twitter.

Further: how do you know that Twitter doesn’t already reach-limit your right now?

I often joke with people saying “Nobody reads your tweets”. But there’s truth in that. In the future, that truth may be truer than it is today.

When you think about it, the last few years have been the Age of the Free Boat Ride. And  you’ve gotten used to it.

A question is: Are you planning for this? Or has Twitter, and other social media, become a dependency instead of a strategy?

Why is this imprtant for Healthcare?

Well, if Twitter is used to promote health or for emergency purposes, how would pay-for-reach impact the ecosystem?

Just a thought and a question.

Oh, and don’t forget about the open API. Have you thought about that hashtag you use all the time? Did it ever occur to you that Twitter, at any moment, could offer Branded Hashtags to clients? That is, clients could manage a hashtag – banning anybody it wants, or otherwise doing whatever it pleases – including taking over a long-running chat.

You see the question isn’t How can Social Media revolutionize the world. The right question is: How can the world revolutionize Social Media. Currently, the revolution is not in your hands: it is, quite literally, at the fingertips of coders in Silicon Valley who know everything about digits but nothing about humans.

Are you planning for the day when Twitter much more forcefully clamps down on the API? The noose has been tightening over the last few years.

Try not to get hung.


Phil Baumann


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