Health Is Social

Infusing Social Media into Healthcare

Dear Social Media Revolutionary:

Your request for The New Paranoia has been approved!

Welcome to a world where your old paranoia of being watched by the police state, criminals, stalky neighbors, and public surveillance cameras is replaced by an utopia where your only paranoia is the paranoia of not being watched.

Your revolutionary and disruptive ideology to liberate the individual from the confines of privacy into the open field of transparency have finally come full circle.

We know how important it is to you to be seen. To that end, we dutifully enclose your customized paranoia widget which will work deep into your subconscious so that you never forget to check to see if you are being seen.

We wish you the very best. If you have any questions, feel free to tweet them to your followers.

Remember: The New Paranoia is your salvation from invisibility.

Congratulations! We look forward to ignoring you. Forever.

Most sincerely indeed,


Aldous Rand Orbook
President and CEO, Big Destroyer, LLC

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