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It’s Okay To Be Silent

Horrifying things happen in life.

When these things happen to others, we too can suffer vicariously.

Often, we need to talk-out what happens – to validate our feelings with others, to express our anger or grief, to take the edge off the pain of vicarious suffering.

I won’t mention a specific event (if you find this post in a few years, look at its publish date and you might surmise what happened shortly before this post went up). The truth of things, however, is more enduing than their actuality – thus no need for me to reference the event that lead to this post).

Today’s media – Facebook, Twitter,  Blogs – and the hardware through which we access them – laptops, tablets, smart phones – provide wide-open lenses, ears, and mouths into and out of the world.

These technologies and media have their place in our world.

But we are still human – and just because these tools are in our graps, it doesn’t mean we *have* to use them to voice every single fear, anger, despair, etc..

Madness is a howling in the wind that never ends when fed.

It’s okay to be silent.

In fact, perhaps Silence – its Art and Practice – will be what distinguishes those of us who know how to grieve from those who don’t.

We are creating a media world that never forgets – an inhuman feature of a human creation.

Elephants – those wide-eyed, big-eared, loud-trumpted mammalian cousins of ours: ever see them grieve over their dead? Even with their fantastic memories, they approach and respect their dead in silence. They are as mystified by death as we are, and are beautifully silent in that painful ignorance.

It’s the task of those alive to rescue the dead from forgetfulness.

It’s the task of Silence to resucue the living from remembering too much.

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