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A Health Blog Poem

My fingers hurt as I write out the pain.
I wonder where you hurt, reader,
I wonder if you write out your pain too.

I take the right medication at the wrong time
and cuss up a storm of pornographic tweets.
Reader, should I blog these moments,

share them on Facebook, snap a gram
and add a hashtag for you to follow?
Where are you? Who are you? What do you follow?

I wonder how a community of patients –
healers holding hands around a fire –
can survive the the digital light of electrons.

My fingers hurt as I write out the pain.
I wonder what your fingers touch,
if the tips of yours touch mine through the glass

or if there is only the idea – the belief –
that by writing out our mutual pain
we become healers holding hands.

I write out the pain, perhaps you read it in.
I could keep this writing going,
releasing the pain, drip by electronic drip.

We could be happy this way and call it kindship.
But I bet if we met face-to-face in a cold snowy field,
our mutual pain would melt as the kindle stoked the wood.


Phil Baumann


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  • Beth

    Beautiful and true.