Health Is Social

Infusing Social Media into Healthcare

Posting here…because Dave “@epatientdave” deBronkart haz things to say.

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  • Seeking clarification – because I don’t want to assume. It sounds as though you are talking about having a field of study/knowledge that would be participatory medicine. That it needs research, focus, study – deserving attention to facilitating the state of empowered & informed patients who can make choices based on available facts, resources, & options. That would involve teaching healthcare providers the necessary education and communication skills as well.

    Forgive me if I brought too many of my own biases to your platform – but I was intrigued.

    • Hi Susan

      That wasn’t what I was getting at here…BUT what you offer us an important part if the overall spirit. That will be one if the things I discuss in future posts.
      You’re definitely on the right track.