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iPhone App for Health Is Social!

Health Is Social’s iPhone is currently available!

Just point your iPhone’s browser to (case sensitive) and follow the directions (click the + sign along the bottom of your iPhone’s screen, click Add to Home Screen). (Or use the QR code below). Voila! The app is on your iPhone:

Click “Add to Home Screen”:

The app icon will be on your home page:

Tap the app icon and there’s the home screen:

Or you can point your iPhone’s camera on the QR code below and grap the app that way:


This is a simple, non-native beta-version app for iPhones only. Future versions will be natively run; and we’ll also roll-out an Android version with more advanced features and content.

If you have any questions about the app, email us: Info at HealthIsSocial dot com.

Enjoy it!


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  • When do I get the iPad version Phil? Or BlackBerry? I’m a statistical anomaly: Prefer BlackBerry for phone — it’s the keypad! Loves my iPad.

    • Phil Baumann

      Will work on it!

      There’s still Androids with keypads too 😉

      Have you thought about switching to Android? It’s becoming a pretty powerful platform, if you’re not crazy abou iPhone.


  • This is awesome!! I’ve never seen an app developed through before! Turns a blog into an app! So much better/easier than just accessing a mobile blog on safari– genius thinking, as usual.
    For mobile mavens: I really do believe apps help us to corral contextually relevant content at our finger tips.
    I think you just started a new blog trend my friend….

    • Phil Baumann

      Thanks – I’m going to keep experimenting with different roll-outs.

      For now I figure using a non-native app for just content works.

      For more advanced features, a more robust app would make more sense.

      iSites isn’t perfect, but it’s a good start.