Health Is Social

Infusing Social Media into Healthcare

The Proverbs of Health

Book of Urizen

All effective Medicine is violence.

The Side Effect is central to the Treatment.

Hospitals are temples of lost opportunity.

Information wants to be cured.

The virus is smarter than the virologist.

Psychology is caustic astrology.

The Placebo Effect encapsulates lethal doses of truth.

An incurious nurse is a guard at the summer camp of death.

Positive imagery is the quack’s avatar. 

Tech without touch is autistic Fascism.

Health is the profane language of negentropy.

Cancer is a misplaced gerund.

Dark humor is the shadow of a bright caregiver.

Life Science reveals the absurdity of artificial systems.

Where the elders die is how the young will grow.

Detachment is Caring.



(These Proverbs of Health will continue to grow.)

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