Health Is Social

Infusing Social Media into Healthcare

Over on LinkedIn, I started a series of posts, Occupy Business Culture: A Capitalist Manifesto for a Meaningful Workforce.

The series covers the spectrum of all verticals, but Healthcare will be one of the industries to be used in the series to vivify the deep and vast problems in Enterprise culture.

A key distinction between Healthcare culture and other industrial cultures is that Healthcare is an inter-lacing of many cultures. That inter-lacing propounds higher orders of complexity – and it’s the gravity of this complexity which often yanks Healthcare into the ground.

Culture is the limiting agency of any enterprise’s organic chemistry that conduces the chain-reactions which produce intended outcomes. Consequently, those organizations which fully appreciate the vitality of culture succeed in generating the best outcomes for all parties – patients, HCPs, the public, and…investors.

With all of the focus on Healthcare reform, technological innovation, HCP shortages, explosive growth in diseases, etc., it’s easy to overlook Culture.

We need, more than ever, to focus on the cultural problems in Healthcare.

Culture is the center and circumference of civilization.

So is Health.

Health is Culture. Culture is Health.


Phil Baumann



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