Health Is Social

Infusing Social Media into Healthcare

Content is king. Context is kingdom. Process is power.

Thinking about building a Healthcare application? Before you go and build another application, you aught to consider *where* and *how* consumers and Healthcare providers are using the hardware.

If you want to build technologies – which are solutions to problems – then you must understand the environments in which people use or benefit from those technologies.

Google released a study Understanding Tablet Use: A Multi-Method Exploration (PDF) that “describes a multi-method research effort that employed written and video diaries, in-home interviews, and contextual inquiry observations to learn about tablet use across three locations in the US.”.

Cutting-to-the-chase: Zero-in on Table 2 and Figure 2.

Granted, Google’s study isn’t Healthcare-specific, but the basic investigative logos aught to inform future studies and enframming of where and how technologies fit into the spectrum of Healthcare software and hardware.

If you want to configure the right kinds of solutions to our problems in Healthcare, you must understand and inter-relate Content (what it does), Context (where it does it), and Process (how it does it).

A big part of all three is Behavioral Economics, an vast field of which we have yet to even see. Google’s study gives us a sliver of a glimpse of where we aught to look before we leap.

Sidenote: Follow the hashtag #VCHC for Venture Capital Healthcare. The idea is to create an ambient space for entrepreneuers, HCPs, consumers, and individual and institutional investors to meet-and-greet. Of course, if you have a patentable idea, be careful of what you mention public! – there are prowlers and patent trollz out there. But do think about how you can best take advantage of media to connect with others to improve Health Care.


Phil Baumann



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