Health Is Social

Infusing Social Media into Healthcare

Imagine if every step in the care that you provided your patients were tweets or blog posts or anything else you post online. Would your care be retweeted, re-blogged, Liked?

If you run a practice and are seeking the Web to market your service, you may have heard the tired (and tiring) adage that Content Is King. It’s just a cliche. Is it true? Sort of, but it’s incomplete. A more complete understanding of media production would be:

Content is King. Context is Kingdom. Process is Power.

That’s certainly a rule you should remember when it comes to general online marketing (whether it’s for promoting your business or networking or just having your voice recognized).

But for physicians, nurses and other individual healthcare providers – including Healthcare and Life Sciences enterprises – Caring trumps Content.

In fact: Caring is the content.

The caring is the message.

Care is the medium which propagates the profession.

More and more doctors and nurses are using social media. This is a welcome evolution: we need their voices.

It’s in their interest – and ours – to be sufficiently media-savvy.

Using the tools aren’t hard. It’s the discipline, diligence and integrity to produce quality content, appropriately market their messages, interact with their core audience and to help extend the art and science of caring from the bedside to the byte.

If you don’t care for others, they won’t care for you.

That’s as true for healthcare as it is for blogging.

Caring is King.

Caring is Kingdom.

Caring is Power.


(Apologies for the paternal-dominated language – I had to work with a paternal-dominated cliche.) 🙂

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  • Nicely put – caring comes first and the content will come.

    • Phil Baumann

      Yes – the content succeeds the caring. I used the word “trumps”, but precedes probably is more accurate.


  • Social Media CARE – Love this phrase and it’s so right on not only for healthcare but any organization looking to use social media.

    It’s about caring for others and providing information that is helpful and useful to others. It’s about caring for your audience!

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    Monique Terrell

    • Phil Baumann

      Thanks, Monique!

      You’re right – if we don’t care for the audience, what are we doing?