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Healthcare Social MediaHealthcare needs a lot of help getting into the 21st Century. I believe, at its heart, that health is a social process – but within its core is leadership.

Payment Reform, Participatory Medicine and Comparative Effectiveness Research are examples of the kinds of issues health care leaders need to understand.

Furthermore, emerging technologies like social and digital media are giving patients, doctors and nurses new ways of communicating and collaborating . Not all of these technologies and are inherently for the best. Consequently, we need critical thinking about the dangers and opportunities before us.

Business Intelligence in every industry is about asking the right questions – now more than ever is it crucial for organizations to make the philosophical practical. This is especially the case in Healthcare and Life Science.

From hospitals to pharmaceutical companies, organizations need to understand the nature of emerging technologies, how people are using them and how to best integrate them into their daily practices.


Health Is Social is committed to researching, designing and implementing the best practices for nurses, physicians, and other Healthcare leaders.

Services Provided include:

  • Enterprise process improvement for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare verticals
  • Insight management for investors in early, middle, and late stage Healthcare ventures.
  • Planning and implementation of community management command centers for regulated industries, including Pharmacovigilance and Compliance guidance

Phil Baumann runs Health Is Social. He is a registered nurse with a background in Enterprise operations for Fortune 500 companies across several industries. He serves on the Advisory Board of Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, where he was the first clinician to be on the board. He brings a dissenting sensibilitiy to the roles emerging media can play in Health Care, from patient advocacy to Corporate Communications.

The Health Is Social blog is here.

You can read his personal blog, follow his tweets and contact him directly by phone: 484-362-0451.